Pregnancy and coronavirus

Pregnancy and coronavirus

Are pregnant women at higher risk during Coronavirus Pandemic?

 In this Pandemic of Coronavirus, people aging from all groups are worried about their health and immunity. Similarly, a pregnant woman is also worried about her little one in this crucial stage. Dr. Himangini Chaudhari- Gynaecologist in Nashik has shared an article for pregnant women’s, as how to take precautionary measures during Covid-19.


What impact can coronavirus have on pregnant women?

There are fewer chances of pregnant women getting severely affected by the new coronavirus as compared to other healthy adults. It is assumed the majority of pregnant women will experience mild cold/flu-like symptoms.

But if these symptoms appear to be severe then it can be a sign that you are developing a vital chest infection that requires more care. In such a case, contact your Gynaecologist for further advice.


What effect will it have on my baby if I am diagnosed with the coronavirus infection?

The research on the virus is still going on, we are just beginning to learn about it. There is no evidence to intimate an increased risk of miscarriage if diagnosed with the virus.

Some babies who were born to women having symptoms of coronavirus in China were born prematurely, so it is still unclear whether the virus caused this, or whether the doctors recommended it to save the mother’s health.

Pregnancy and Coronavirus Infection

What can I do in order to reduce my risk of getting infected by Covid-19?

The most initial step you can take is to follow the guidelines given by your doctor and government officials in order to maintain self-hygiene. For pregnant ladies, this includes:

  • Regular hand wash
  • Use a mask or tissue when you cough or sneezes and discard the same.
  • Ask your family members to follow the same process.
  • Avoid going out.
  • Avoid meeting someone who has symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Symptoms include high fever and continuous cough.
  • Avoid meeting in groups, or small gatherings in public places.
  • Stay connected with each other using technology such as phone, internet, and social media
  • Keep updating your health to your Gynaecologist.

What if I am a healthcare worker and pregnant?

If you are in your first or second trimester, then practice social distancing, you can continue to work only if necessary precautions are taken. You should avoid taking care of patients who are suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. If it is not possible then you should use personal protective equipment (PPE) and assure a precise risk evaluation is undertaken.


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